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Pre-Designs versus Pre-Made versus Ready-Made versus Template Logos!

Final Score: 21 (out of 30)


Update Oct 2011
In September 2011 LogoWorks closed its doors - or rather, HP who owns LogoWorks.com closed LogoWorks' doors. No reason is offered on the site. Our guess is that the logo design world simply become too competitive and LogoWorks, with their comparatively high prices, struggled to turn a profit.
Farewell LogoWorks.

Update Oct 2012
It looks like LogoWorks is back. Under new management? We went over the entire site and could find no information about who owns the site. Ziltch. We would caution against using them until more information is available. The review below pertains to the old LogoWorks.

At a Glance

One of the bigger logo firms out there, LogoWorks have been around since 2001, acquired by HP in 2007. They have over 40 in-house designers and over 45,000 customers, including subsidiaries of Disney, SeaWorld, Microsoft, and more.


Quality in logo design is difficult to score as it is fairly subjective. In our opinion, LogoWorks.com produces professional quality logos.


Custom logo design options starting with a Silver Package at $299, thru to an "Agency Start Up" Package at $2,999. The Silver Package comes with 4 concept designs and 2 revision rounds.

The more expensive packages come with additional concepts, unlimited revisions and added features such as stationery and web design.

Overall their logo design prices seem high compared to other logo design firms, considering the number of concept designs offered with each package.

In our understanding, the Terms and Conditions states that only the first two revision rounds may include significant changes to the designs. From the third revision onwards, changes must be "modifications of the current composition only". If major changes are needed beyond this point, LogoWorks reserves the right to charge extra for those revisions.


Turnaround time is 3 business days for the initial concepts, 2 business days per revision.


LogoWorks has a decent money-back guarantee. They retain $99, but the rest can be refunded, provided that you did not request any revisions to the initial concept designs. If having a money-back guarantee is important to you, read through the LogoWorks Terms and Conditions first before proceeding. See section 1g, 1h and 1i.

Files and Formats

LogoWorks will supply the final logo in a large selection of formats, including a vector format. Specific file formats are EPS, JPG, GIF, TIFF and BMP. They will also provide a black and white version of the logo.


LogoWorks support is far above average. They are available via phone, email and live chat. They have an advanced "Project Central", which is the client area where you can log in, post feedback, download your logo files etc.


Overall LogoWorks is a good company, producing truly professional logos. If you have the money, LogoWorks is a good choice. If you are on a budget you might want to shop around. In our opinion you can receive similar value for less elsewhere.

Final Score: 21 (out of 30)


Link disabled.
These guys are no longer in business.

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