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Final Score: 17 (out of 30)

Logo Design Guru

Update: 2010
Well, this is disappointing...
LogoDesignGuru changed to a crowdsourcing model on August 28, 2010, rendering the review and scores below irrelevant. We'll leave it here for your reference. The new LogoDesignGuru service is, as far as we can tell, a carbon copy of Mycroburst.com. Mycroburst.com in turn seems to imitate 99designs.com. If crowdsourcing floats your boat, we recommend CrowdSpring.

At a Glance

Logo Design Guru has been around since 2003 and is one of the bigger players in online logo design. The quality of their work is good and prices are more or less in line with the industry average.


Quality in logo design is difficult to score as it is fairly subjective. In our opinion, Logo Design Guru produces good quality logos.


Logo Design Guru has several logo design packages ranging from a "99'er" package ($99) and going all the way up to a "Superior" package at $1499. For $99 you don't really receive a custom logo. From the Logo Design Guru web site: "A drawing or current design to work from is required to order this package". While it's not deceptive, we consider that a "logo repair" service, not logo design. For purposes of comparison, their cheapest logo design package is $199. This package, called the Basic Package, comes with 6 concept designs to choose from and 3 revision rounds.

While the Basic Package offers comparatively poor value for money, some of their more expensive packages offer fairly good value for money. The more expensive packages come with additional concept designs, additional revision rounds and add-ons such as Flash animation, stationery design, web design, printing etc.

Overall their prices are in line with the industry average.


Turnaround times range from 3 to 5 business days.


Logo Design Guru does offer a money-back guarantee, but from the Terms of Service Agreement it seems that refunds are at the discretion of Logo Design Guru management. Even when a refund is approved, Logo Design Guru retains a minimum of $99 of the design fee. The amount retained increases the further along you are in the design process. If a money-back guarantee is important to you, Logo Design Guru might not be the right logo designer for you.

Files and Formats

Logo Design Guru provides the final logo in AI, Freehand, Windows Meta file (.wmf), JPEG, TIFF, EPS, GIF and PDF format. According to the Terms of Service Agreement, additional file formats "can be required upon request".


The Logo Design Guru web sites list phone numbers, fax numbers and a physical address. They also offer a contact form, but no email contacts that we could find. The site claims that live support is online 12:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. We clicked on the live support button 2:54 PM EST on a Wednesday and found no operators online. Tried again 10 minutes later and again 30 minutes later.


Logo Design Guru is not a bad choice. It's a comparatively large design company with a good track record so you're in safe hands with Logo Design Guru. As is sometimes the case with large companies, customer care might be a little less available and less personal than what you would like. We would nonetheless do business with them.

Final Score: 17 (out of 30)


Logo Design Guru

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