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Pre-Designs versus Pre-Made versus Ready-Made versus Template Logos!

Final Score: 22 (out of 30)

Logo Ants

At a Glance

Not a bad alternative for Biz-Logo.com. LogoAnts.com offers custom logos and "shelf logos", which are basically the same as pre-designed logos.


Quality in logo design is difficult to score as it is fairly subjective. In our opinion, LogoAnts.com produces professional quality logos.


Their shelf logos are $99 each. That's for exclusive ownership. For that money you also get to work with a LogoAnts designer to make changes to your chosen logo. Their stock of shelf logos is fairly small though.

LogoAnts' custom logos start at $179 for the Bronze Package, thru to $599 for the Platinum Package. More expensive packages include more concept designs to choose from and the Platinum Package includes stationery design.

All packages come with unlimited alterations.


Only 1 to 2 business days for logo design, 2 to 3 business days for stationery design.


Full money-back guarantee, valid for 30 days, but not valid if you request anything past the first round of designs.

Files and Formats

LogoAnts will supply the final logo files in JPG, GIF, transparent PNG, CDR, and PDF. Additional formats are available on request. Additional formats are free, except if you order the Bronze Package. The site does not contain info on the price for additional formats for Bronze Package clients.


LogoAnts support is very limited. They have a phone number in South Africa, email address and a physical address. No US phone number, no live support and their forum is not currently functional. Additionally, Bronze and Silver Package clients receive only email support, not phone support.


Overall LogoAnts is a good option for "shelf logos" (pre-designed logos) and not a bad option for custom logos. LogoAnts.com has the same parent company as Biz-Logo.com, so even though they're based in South Africa you know that it's an established, brick-and-mortar business that won't be here today and gone tomorrow.

Final Score: 22 (out of 30)


Logo Ants

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