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Logo Design Price Comparison

We compared the prices of a few top logo design firms. Logo design prices should be seen in the context of what you get for your money, so we rated logo firms on both logo prices and service offering to arrive at a total value for money score. The logo design prices in this comparison were accurate when published, but may have changed in the meantime. Please follow the links to the logo designers to confirm the prices of their services.

Value for Money

Exclusive pre-designed logos with customization included. Unlimited revisions. Many thousands of logos to choose from. Good guarantee.

Minimum of 5 custom logo designs and unlimited revisions. Slow-ish turnaround time of 3 days. Very good money-back guarantee.

Very similar to The Logo Co above, but 3 logos designs instead of 5 and stationery design thrown in. Good guarantee.

You receive three concept logos and unlimited revisions, plus stationery design (1 concept). Great value, but read our review first. We feel that their offer is deceptive in some areas.

LogoGround is a pre-designed logos-only marketplace where designers can sell logos. Prices are fairly steep, but the quality of the design work is very high. Good value if you can find the right logo at a good price.

Biz-Logo's Silver Package buys you 15 custom logo design concepts (min.) and unlimited revisions. Good guarantee.

Five logo concepts to choose from, unlimited revisions, two business day turnaround, good guarantee.

LogoMojo's Bronze Package comes with 4 concept designs and 2 revisions. Slow turnaround of 5 days and comparatively limited add-ons, e.g. the logo is not backed up and you do not receive a black and white version of the final logo.


Pre-designed logos are great value and they save time too. Instead of working with a designer to realize your vision, you get to pick a logo that's close to your vision and only have the designer fine-tune the logo for you. Quicker, easier and cheaper. Be careful of template logos though. Template logos are logos that are resold. Pre-designed logos are not (should not be) resold. Make sure that you receive exclusive ownership before you get excited about the super-low prices of logos.

Also see the difference between pre-designed logos, pre-made logos, template logos etc.

For good pre-designed logos, see Biz-Logo.

If a custom logo is what you need, then The Logo Company is hard to beat. LogoInn will do it for less money, but the value that the Logo Company offers is very high for the price.

Excluded From This Price Comparison

Template logo providers and logo design competition sites were not included in this logo design price comparison.


LogoFirms.com is, in some way or another, affiliated with each of the logo firms listed above. We are confident through that our list above is reasonably fair and objective. After all, logo design prices can be objectively compared. The quality rating is different story, but we tried to look at measurable factors as far as possible.


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