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About LogoFirms.com

LogoFirms is a professional directory, community and marketplace for logo designers and their clients, by logo designers. Up to date information, reviews, industry news and more is published to benefit logo designers and assist their clients in selecting and rating logo designers.

Proper Disclosure

LogoFirms is, in some way or another, affiliated with a vast number of the logo design companies listed on this web site, in particular the web sites that we review. We are affiliated to each and every one of them.

LogoFirms is a for-profit site, generating income from advertising and direct client referrals - in some cases referrals to logo design companies that we own. That's how we justify the considerable investment it takes to create a good logo reviews web site.


Good question. Here's how we do it:

1. We developed a scoring system that is, as far as possible, based on measurable factors, such as prices, turnaround times etc.

2. We are affiliated in some way to every site we review. Every one. The difference in financial reward between them is usually small. Even when we send you to a site that we own, the bottom line financial reward is surprisingly close to what our competitors pay us for referrals. So if we bash a bad logo company and praise a good one, we still get paid. The good logo company gets more business, the bad one gets less, we get paid the same. Actually, in the long run we get paid more. Honest reviews means more credibility for us, which translates into more traffic and more referrals over time.

3. We are serious about honesty. What good is a web site if you can't proudly pass it on to your children one day?

We believe that our scores are objective and fair, but we welcome comments.

Please get in touch and share your views.

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